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Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, Louth, Kildare & Cavan.


We are a family run and operated pest control business, with over 20 years experience.  We are dedicated to protecting your family, business and home, from every sort of pest.  Over our long career, we have solved literally thousands of household and commercial pest problems.





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There is no pest problem that we can't solve for you! 


Our expert technicians will be with you quickly to get everything back to normal for you. Remember, it's always best to




Using our years of experience and knowledge, we will provide the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective solution to all of your pest problems.




Us rats are probably the one pest that provokes the strongest reaction in people, and for good reason. We cause all sorts of problems for you, from causing structural and electrical problems by gnawing wires, cables and water pipes, to spreading diseases such as Weils Disease, and creating smells. We can cause infestations in your garden, shed, attic, house or drains and sewers. We like kids, having up to 12 at a time. The most important part of controlling us is to discover where we come from and where we are breeding. Control can be tricky, so getting someone with the experience and knowledge of our biology and behaviour is probably best.

We might not be the same size or be as scary as those big show-off rats, but make no mistake, we can pretty well do as much damage, and spread as many diseases in your house and attic, as those bullies. We mice also love sheds and boiler houses. Contrary to popular myth we can live beside the rats. Our family sizes match theirs in most cases, and left uncontrolled, we can make your life just as miserable as them.

Our entire family can happily live in an area of approx a square metre, so it's really important that the person hunting for our nest knows what they are doing to get rid of us in a safe and efficient way.​

Not to be confused with honey bees that look a little like us, we live in nests of varying sizes with a population of 5,ooo to 45,ooo insects. we are very happy in your attic, facia & soffit, shed or 

garden. Left alone in the wild, there should be no reason to worry about us, but close to home where your family is, then that's a different story. We can be cranky sometimes and if we are very upset, we can sting you at a rate of 15 stings per minute. To give you one very serious piece of advice, please don't deal with us yourself. It's way too dangerous. Get a professional, at least then it's a fair fight.


St Patricks weekend is usually the time we get very active and we can stay busy all the way through to October, weather permitting. Our nests can grow to tens of thousands of individuals. While we are not a known disease carrier, the surfaces we cross during our search for food do pose a health risk. Before we get into your living area or kitchen, we may have crossed through sewer lines, raw food, animal waste and other pathogen hosts. We can be difficult to remove so I'd advise you to use a professional exterminator and don't rely on old wives tales or store bought chemicals.


The most common misconception about us is that we live in dirty houses, not true.

We end up in your house most likely because you brought them in from a hotel, B&B, or other accommodation. You might not even know we are there, even when you get itchy bites on your neck, shoulders or arms, because we inject you with an anaesthetic before we take a little blood. The main indicator of our activities will be those bites, and blood spotting on pillows, and /or little black spots on divans or furniture and fittings, these spots are our droppings. If you're not sure just give Emergency Pest Control a quick call and they'll talk you through it.

We aren't as sneaky as those sly Bed Bugs, we'll just jump right on you any time of day or night. Our favourite bit of you is on the leg below the knee.  The best thing about us is we'll live on anything so you don't even need a pet to be visited by us. We do like cats & dogs but really those poor dopes usually get us from hedgehogs, foxes and other wild animals that live in and around your house and garden. Properly identifying us is very important and only a seasoned professional will know the best way to kick us out of your home safely, taking special care regarding pets and children.

Because we come in many different forms, from Clothes moths, carpet moths and ermine moths among others,causing all sorts of differing problems, it is absolutely vital that the person tasked with eliminating us is an experienced pro. I'll let you into a little secret, the one thing that helps us most is the environmental conditions where we live and breed, so your technician has to be fully up to speed on this part, it's not just a case of throwing a load of insecticide at us, that just won't work effectively. There's a little bit of detective work involved in finding the whole story, so don't expect it to be a 5 minute fix.

A little bit of patience by your contractor is required here.

There are dozens of other pests that might  cause you annoyance from time to time. From Pigeons, flies, beetles,  cockroaches, Feral cats, and many more. The truth is, you will never come into contact with the vast majority of them, but depending on your environment, you may well meet 1 or 2 of the little critters, ready to cause you sleepless nights because of noises in the attic, bites, stings, holes in the garden,

smells, leaking pipes, droppings or contaminated water tanks.

No matter what you live with that's creepy or crawly, Calling Emergency Pest Control is the common sense option because to put it simply, we know what we are doing




086 728 3888

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